Are we PropTech or are we BIM?

Originally, when we started out over 20 years ago, we thought we were Building Information Modelling (BIM).  Now we think we may be Property Tech (PropTech).  Either way, we think we have a very useful product and would ask you to have a look at our video below.

If you want to get into the technicalities of PropTech and BIM then we invite you look at the definitions we have found on various websites, all referenced at the bottom as you do with scholarly articles.

Here is a brief version of the PropTech versus BIM argument:

PropTech seems to relate more to the easiness of getting houses sold on the estate agency side and the world of finance mortgages, etc.  In a nutshell, we feel this is a fair comment; please email if you think differently.

We believe BIM relates more to the new build property process

We feel that our product is good for both Property Tech and BIM and gives a simple easy entry in a very useful time saving way for those who need to manage property and property issues and those involved with the sale and purchase of houses, be it as homes or be it as investments.


Reference Sources:

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