CRM – Customer Relationship Management

We have developed our own unique surveying Customer Relationship Management Business System – CRM – this has been developed specifically for the surveying sector with a visually easy to use dashboard and integrated data.  

Our CRM system has been developed over many years being refined and regularly updated.  Our CRM is streamlined platform that is easy to use and provides our customers with an excellent portal for engaging in our surveying service.

What is CRM?

It’s our Customer Relationship Management Business System

Why has CRM been developed?

Our Surveying CRM system was developed to streamline
processes having a platform that supports our customers as well as being a repository for surveying data 

Does CRM save time?

Yes, our CRM saves time having all the surveying data in one place that is easily password protected accessed

What are the benefits of having a CRM?

Benefit 1: Having a Dashboard that visually displays data effectively

Benefit 2: Easily searchable data

Benefit 3: Saves time as all data in one place

Benefit 4: Ease of use for customers

Benefit 5: Aids Sales and Marketing

Who uses the surveying CRM?

CRM is used by
Finance Department

Why have CRM?

A CRM Business System is the best technological asset a company can invest in and gives your team an efficient platform to work on and your customers a great experience